EXPanding and EXPloring Conference Like a Pro


The moment you’ve waited months for is here! You made it to Philadelphia for AIHce EXP. You’re ready to learn, network, and explore.

It doesn’t matter if this is your first AIHce EXP or even first conference ever. We know that you’re going to navigate the conference like a pro. In fact, people will probably be asking you for directions by lunch on the first day.

How do we know?

Because you’ve been preparing for this day. But let’s make sure you’ve got everything checked off. We know that navigating a conference like this can feel overwhelming, which is why we’ve made it as easy as possible for you.

Get plugged in ... To our app, that is. For AIHce EXP attendees, our mobile app is an essential tool to help you squeeze the most from your conference experience. ooking for a specific exhibitor? Find them on the map before stepping into the Expo Hall. Are you missing a session? Don’t worry, the other attendees will be sharing their insights in the app and on social media!

Once you have the app downloaded, you’ll want to read this post for a refresher on how you can elevate your success with the app throughout the conference.

Philadelphia at your feet. From the moment you step off the plane or the train, you’ll know exactly how to find your way to your hotel and the convention center. You’ve already pinpointed where you’re going to get a famous cheesesteak and of course, find the best coffee. Got your eyes on some historic sites? Our EXPlore Philadelphia guide has you covered.

Your networking research is about to pay off. All of your prep for the past few months is about to pay off. You’ve mapped out your schedule, did your research on the instructors, speakers, and other attendees, and even perfected your elevator pitch. This is what you’ve been waiting for. You’re armed with questions for the companies in the expo hall. You even freshened up on your social media skills to stay connected with our community leading up to the AIHce EXP.

Self-care is fundamental.  We’d hate for anyone to walk away from this event with the “conference crud.” Whether you’re a seasoned conference pro or this is your first time traveling, it’s critical for you to stay healthy during the hustle and bustle of the event. If you’re not familiar with the weather in Philadelphia, layers are always a good bet for traveling and conference attendance. It’ll likely be in the mid-to-high 70s when we’re in Philadelphia but we always recommend checking the 10-day weather report before you finalize your packing! Need some quick and easy self-care tips? Check out this post.

Well, do you feel like a pro yet? We know that even pros can have questions, and our staff will be with you every step of the way. Find us in the app and around the convention center during conference week.

Berrak Sarikaya is a content strategist and brand amplifier based in Seattle, Washington.

AIHce EXP 2018, held in Philadelphia, PA May 21-23, is the EXPerience of the year for IH and OEHS professionals across the country. You’ll be exposed to the latest trends, needs, and research impacting worker health with experiential education sessions, networking opportunities with like-minded professionals, and the tools you need to solve your workplace challenges. This highly-rated event also offers a robust virtual experience for those that want to reap the benefits of conference without the travel. Register today.