Missing Our Events Is Not the Right Thing to Do


So we’re coming down to the wire – AIHce EXP is just around the corner. And we suspect there’s a good chance you’ve not registered yet.

Why not?

We know we could go on and on about massive number of educational sessions happening this year (180+), the packed-out Expo Hall (220+ exhibitors), and the spread of topics (44) that we’re featuring. But we’ve already done that a few times…and you’ve still not taken that plunge quite yet.

So. Here’s our last appeal: come for the education, sure. But stay for the really cool events we’ve got going on.

What do we mean by that? We’re talking all the non-classroom stuff that we’ve painstakingly scheduled from morning to evening, every day, just for you. Most of these are even included in your registration fee!

FOOD. First off, the food. We know that food is really a driving force for many attendees, and this year we’ve taken the extra step to really feed your hunger. Each day we’ve got special food-related events happening at the Hub and in the Expo Hall, from casual quick-session talks about healthy eating and diets, to honest-to-goodness live cooking demonstrations! Plus, our Catalyst team is hosting a coffee hour on Tuesday morning at the AIHA booth and ice cream floats from a Philadelphia vendor on Tuesday afternoon, and our popular networking reception in the Expo Hall on Monday.

Oh, and of course there’s the AIHce POWER HOUR sponsored by MSA, the yummy Mark of Excellence breakfast, and a ton of smaller group receptions throughout the conference’s three main days. Seriously, you will NOT go hungry.

CAREERADVANTAGE FAIR. Job assistance. For free. If you’re in a position where you’re looking out for your future career – and honestly, you should always be doing this! – then you need to be taking advantage of our Building Careers for Life Development Fair. There’s free resume consulting, mock interviewing, networking, and other great sessions designed specifically to help professionals like you get ahead in their career planning. Oh, and it’s free. (Did we mention that already?)

MEET UP MERRY-GO-ROUND. “Whaaa?” Yeah, we can hear your curiosity about this one. It’s a new event that’s happening on Sunday evening before we kick the conference into high gear. And it’s designed specifically about community-building and networking – two of the biggest things that attendees find important every year. (That’s what they tell us in post-conference evaluations!) If you’re hitting Philadelphia on Sunday, we highly recommend you come out to play.

First, it’s in the Pennsylvania Convention Center’s Grand Hall, a beautiful public space full of amazing architecture and art. (Perfect for selfies!) Second, food. (See our first point above.) Third, you’ll get to see old friends and make some cool new ones, too! And lastly, we’ll have a drawing at the end for some prizes to a yummy Philly locale. (To supplement your food cravings.)

TECH TOURS. Now, caveat – there’s some extra costs involved with the technical tours we’ve set up. Those costs go towards your transportation, insurance, etc. but we hear year after year that these tours are completely worth the time and money spent. So take a look at our offerings for this year and consider joining one. You do have to be a registered attendee to go, so keep that in mind.

OTHER STUFF. We’ve not mentioned our PAL Program, the AIHF Fun Run, first-timers orientation, book signings, the app scavenger hunt, and whatnot. These are also worth checking out, provided we’ve convinced you to join us in Philly.

So. What are you waiting for? We REALLY want to see you take the plunge this year and join us. The weather will be good, the people will be great company, the food will be fantastic, and the knowledge you get will probably be mind-blowing. Can you really afford to miss this?

Yeah, we thought so. Head on over to register. We’ll see you soon in Philadelphia.​