Showcase Your Experience Online Through AIHce EXP Social Media


If you’re not using social media to stay connected with your industry and community, you could be missing out on vital connections. At AIHA, social media plays a big role in the way we connect with our members and the industry as a whole. Conferences like AIHce EXP provide a great opportunity to leverage social media networks to stay on top of conversations, even if you’re not in a particular session. If you’re attending our virtual conference, it’ll be an easy way for you to network with attendees and speakers.

Staying connected with IH/OEHS professionals around the globe

Social media is an invaluable tool for communicating with industry professionals around the globe on a regular basis. One great way to do that is to find and follow key players within the community.

A great place to start, especially if you’re a student or new to the industry? Universities. Follow official social media accounts of universities, as well as professors (if they’re active), to stay informed in real time! Don’t be shy - remember that the key word in social media is “social” so make sure you participate in the conversations that are relevant to your specialty.

In addition to universities, professional organizations in our field are also highly active on social media. You can follow heavy hitters like EPA, CDC, NIOSH, and OSHA to receive regular updates and participate in conversations within the community.

Make the most of your time at AIHce EXP with social media

Although AIHA has a very active social media presence, 2017 was the first time we really saw quality engagement specifically around the AIHce EXP conference in Seattle.

That’s all thanks to you!

Our audiences were engaged across our active channels on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even our newest channel, Instagram. But Twitter was the winner with over 10,400 impressions every day during the 7 days we were in Seattle!

“Also a first, the AIHA Network TV showed video recaps in four of our partner hotels, which helped catch up attendees on highlights from the prior day,” says Ben Rome, AIHA’s Marketing Manager. “We’re hoping to do the same again this year [in Philadelphia].” AIHA also hopes that members will utilize the new community The Catalyst​ to share their experiences with other members on the members-only platform.

So, how can you make the most of your time at AIHce EXP with the help of social media? We’ve got a few tips for you!

  • Don’t neglect the hashtag. Our main hashtag across all networks is #AIHceEXP, so be sure to include it in all of your posts during the conference and even while exploring Philadelphia. Pro tip: Add the conference hashtag to your Twitter name or bio for the duration of the conference.
  • Do your homework on the speakers & instructors. If you’re not familiar with a speaker, check out their website, read their writing, and peek through their social media activity. Why’s this important? It helps you become familiar with their expertise, their communication style, and how they interact with others at events, both online and Follow the speakers on social media before the conference. This will give you an opportunity to engage with them and help you stand out in their mind when it’s conference time.
  • Remember - sharing is caring! You’ve done your due diligence, and it’s go time. From the opening keynote to the closing session, there are lots of opportunities to share from the conference. Since Twitter is a public-facing platform, this will be the best option for you to share insights and key points in real time. A few nuggets to keep in mind:
    • Statistics are always great to share.
    • Stay away from inside jokes and points that don’t stand alone.
    • Always give credit to the speaker in your tweets.
    • Always use the conference hashtag.
    • If there are other people tweeting from your session, RT them instead of sharing the same exact statistic.

A final pro tip from Ben: “While we won’t have the photo booths from last year, there will be plenty of photo opportunities inside and outside the Pennsylvania Convention Center. The art displays throughout the center are stunning and deserve to be shared in pictures.”

Watch #AIHceEXP for info about our super-special "Meet-Peep-Tweet Up" on Monday night!

See you in Philadelphia, and around the internet! 

Berrak Sarikaya is a content strategist and brand amplifier based in Seattle, Washington.

AIHce EXP 2018, held in Philadelphia, PA May 21-23, is the EXPerience of the year for IH and OEHS professionals across the country. You’ll be exposed to the latest trends, needs, and research impacting worker health with experiential education sessions, networking opportunities with like-minded professionals, and the tools you need to solve your workplace challenges. This highly-rated event also offers a robust virtual experience for those that want to reap the benefits of conference without the travel. Register today.