Welcome to Philadelphia

"Philadelphia" by Peter Miller; used under Creative Commons

It's fitting that AIHce EXP 2018 takes place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Founded in 1682, the city is now the fifth-most populated city in the United States and home to more than 50 nationally important historic sites. Philadelphia's role within the shaping of the American story is similar to that of industrial hygiene and the modern workplace.

Philadelphia was a key player in the birth of the United States, and more importantly, the democratic EXPeriment that still rings throughout the world. Likewise, industrial hygienists are key rolemakers within their industries, ensuring that as many workers as possible return home safely every night to their families and community.

Fun fact

Did you know that in Philadelphia in 1983, a bet between Rick Fulwiler and Chris Laszcz-Davis formed the foundation of what is now the AIH Foundation FunRun? Thirty-five years later, that bet has morphed into scholarships and assistance for two generations of industrial hygienists... the future of our profession.

We have to ask 

Where else can you EXPerience health and safety information, technology, and people while lifting up our next generation with wisdom and mentorship? With the stateliness of DC (but without the political miasma) and the energy of New York City (but without the crowded bustle), Philadelphia is the perfect backdrop for this year's EXPerience.

Consider this

Philadelphia was once the country's capital. It was a driving force that helped critically shape future generations of leaders, entrepreneurs, and educators. This year, amidst the 336 years of history that surround the Pennsylvania Convention Center, you can do the same. Join us in the City of Brotherly Love this May, and take part in shaping the future of your profession.

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