Keynote Sessions & Book Signing

Book Signing

Exclusive $ 7,500/Opening General Session; $5,000/Tuesday or Wednesday General Sessions

The two 2017 book signing events were a hit! 

Don’t miss out these opportunities to strategically partner with one of this year's highly impactful keynote sessions

All keynote sponsorships include:

  • Opportunity to  make a brief introduction at session or in the post Ask the Expert Q&A session by your company representative
  • Brand exposure via our event website, attendee email, the Final Program, mobile app and onsite signage.
Opening keynote sponsorship will also include a book signing of The Soft Edge by author and keynote speaker Rich Karlgaard.
  • Book signing to occur near (or in) sponsor's booth, pending Expo space availability
  • Sponsor logo via stickers on inside jacket of all books
  • Sponsor representatives available to distribute books to guests in line
  • Signage directing attendees to sponsor booth
  • Recognition in keynote session of sponsor location, accompanied by a slide

Price includes 200 books, sponsor stickers, and signage/line queueing at sponsor booth



Laura Cilano Garcia​
Program Director
Strategic P​artnerships
(703) 846-0748

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