Mobile App Advertising

​Reaching your intended audience onsite at AIHce EXP has never been easier! With an attendee adoption rate of 70% you are guaranteed valuable exposure and influence by advertising in our Mobile App.


​Product Number Available​ Price Description
​Page Banner Ad 5​ $1500/each​ ​Your ad can dominate a specific page. This sponsorship gives you exclusive placement as the only banner ad for a particular area.
​Multi-Rotation Banner Ad Placement ​3 ​$1500/each ​​This sponsorship allows up to three ad placements to rotate in a given position each time the app is opened or refreshed. Specification for all banner ads: 1024 x 160px (32 x 5 aspect ratio)
​Push Notifications ​6 ​$1500/each ​Reach out to attendees during the event. Push Notifications allow you to instantly send a message to users at a designated date and time. Use push notifications to promote a special event onsite. Send your message to the entire attendee audience or target a specified group. Push Notifications are limited to 170 characters and will reach all users with push notifications turned on.
​Exhibitor Pop To The Top ​1 ​$2,500 ​This sponsorsh​​ip enables exhibitors to reach the entire attendee audience. A Pop to the Top will be viewable at the top of the entire Exhibitor list denoted by a prominent sponsor ribbon, bolded name and your Company logo in premium placement both in the exhibitor list view.
​Product Category Pop To The Top ​1 per Product Category​ ​$1,000/each ​This sponsorship allows exhibitors to target an audience interested in a particular product category. Your company will be listed at the top of the list for a sponsored product category. This will allow your company to have exposure in areas specific to your organization.
​Grand Slam Package - Choose 4 ​Choose 4 ​$4,000 ​This sponsorship allows exhibitors to receive multiple exposures via the Mobile App at a volume discounted rate.  Exhibitor Pop To The Top option excluded from this offer.



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