Frequently Asked Questions

​​AIHce 2018 Overvi​​ew

We’ve been asking our attendees and our members what we can do to make AIHce better. We’re taking what we’ve heard and turning AIHce into a whole new experience.

New Conference Schedule – The AIHce schedule has a more user-friendly and efficient format. All education sessions on Monday through Wednesday are 60 minutes in length, with 15 minute breaks in between to let you get from one great presentation to the next. This makes arranging the conference sessions much easier since everything has a consistent length.

Having sessions of consistent length also makes it easier to evaluate the presentations. Your feedback provides session leaders with the critiques they need to improve their presentation skills. It guides conference organizers by letting them know what worked well and what could be done better.

Variety of Education Formats – In the Call for Presentations we are encouraging people to submit session proposals that create engaging learning environments that actively involve the participants. With so many experienced attendees at AIHce, the learning environment is enriched when the sessions tap into the collective knowledge in the room.

Session Tracks – The education sessions at AIHce are grouped into tracks, allowing you to experience a variety of presentations within the same topic area.

Closing General Session – The conference ends on Wednesday afternoon with a general session guaranteed to spark your thinking and send you home with even more ideas to use in your workplace.

PDCs Before and After – Supplement your learning by attending a Professional Development Course (PDC) either before the conference on Saturday and/or Sunday or after the conference on Thursday. Take a deep dive into a topic to boost your knowledge and skill set.

Committee Meetings – Are you a member of an AIHA volunteer group or committee? These meetings are scheduled either in the early morning or at the end of the afternoon, freeing you up to attend education sessions during the day.

Call for Proposals & Submission

The Call for PDC and Education Session Proposals opened in June at AIHce 2017 in Seattle. Proposals for both PDCs and all education sessions are due Wednesday, September 6th at 11:59PM Eastern.

Proposals received after this date will not be considered in the review process.

Why did the schedule f​or the conference change?

AIHA has been asking conference attendees, members, presenters, and others involved with AIHce for their feedback for several years. Several messages have come through loud and clear: make the schedule more organized, give us session tracks, provide quality education over quantity, and don’t have committee meetings during the education hours.

How will my proposal be categori​zed?

All proposal types require the submitter to select a primary topic and up to two additional topics. By choosing a topic, the submitter is agreeing that, if selected, the proposal can be grouped with other sessions on that same topic. If the proposal cannot fit into the primary topic track, the Conference Program Committee will use the secondary and tertiary topic choices for potential groupings. This is especially important for case studies and scientific research presentations, which are 20 minutes in length and grouped into one hour session blocks. Only choose a topic if you are okay with your presentation being included in that topic area track. You are not required to choose a secondary or tertiary topic. If only one or two topics fit your proposal, that is fine.

How do I submit a presentation that is​ longer than one hour?

The AIHce education sessions are organized into one-hour time blocks. However, it is possible to submit a proposal for a two-hour presentation. To do so, you should submit two proposals with the same title, but identified as Part 1 or Part 2. Each Part can have a maximum of 3 speakers (maximum session total of 6 speakers). The two Parts should have different content and presenters, should the Conference Program Committee decide to accept only one of them.

Do technical committees still sponsor sessions?

Sponsoring of sessions by technical committees was done in years past to aid in scheduling committee meetings. With the new conference schedule, committee meetings are held outside of the education session hours so it is no longer necessary for committees to sponsor sessions.

If more than one of my proposals is accep​ted can my sessions be scheduled the same day?

The sessions at AIHce are arranged in tracks according to subject, and every effort is made to avoid overlap of similar topics within a time block. We also try to avoid having the same speaker in two sessions occurring at the same time. Given these constraints and the number of sessions and speakers at AIHce, we’re unable to accommodate individual requests to rearrange the schedule.

How are the scientific research and case study (20-minute) presentations arranged into sessions? Scientific research and case study presentations will be organized into groups of three to make 60- minute sessions. The Conference Program Committee will arrange the sessions for the 2018 conference. Many of the Conference Program Committee members are also Volunteer Group members and collectively they have expertise in a wide variety of topic areas. Committee members will group the case study and scientific research presentations into sessions based on topic.  Each combined session will have a new title as designated by the CPC. Volunteer Groups will provide names of Moderators who will work with the presenters to ensure cohesion between the individual presentations.

How will I be notified of the decision on my p​roposal?

In November all presenters and any co-presenters will receive an email from AIHA regarding the status of their proposal and a link back to the Attendee Interactive portal. Speakers should log-in to the Attendee Interactive portal where they will find the decision as well as comments/ feedback from reviewers, if any.

If my session is rejected will there be an o​pportunity to present a poster instead?

There are a limited number of session slots available at AIHce, so not all proposals can be accepted. The Conference Program Committee closely reviews all submissions, and may offer the option of a poster to someone whose presentation was not accepted but the content is strong and suited to poster format.

Is there any funding available for sp​eakers?

There is no formal funding process for education session speakers. Speakers are required to pay for their own registration, travel, housing and other incidental costs.

Volunteer Opportunities & Review Process​

How can I participate in the session sele​ction for AIHce 2018?

AIHA and the Conference Program Committee will be seeking Volunteer Group members to serve as technical content reviewers for education session and PDC proposals. AIHA will launch a Call for Technical Reviewers on August 1. Volunteer Groups are asked to submit the names of at least two volunteer reviewers by August 14. If no names are received, AIHA will assign the Committee Chair and Vice Chair as the two reviewers. Committees can submit more than two names if more members are interested in reviewing proposals. Technical Reviewers will be asked to rate proposals in their area(s) of expertise and recommend whether to accept or decline the presentation. The review will take place online within a two-week window of time from September 11-22. AIHA staff will provide thorough instruction on the review process. AIHA has a tight timeline and the Conference Program Committee and Continuing Education Committees will be making their selections immediately following the technical review by Volunteer Group members.

How will Moderators be selected? ​Will there be Monitors?

Submitters will be required to submit the name of a session Moderator for the one-hour technical proposals. Please ensure that you notify and work with the person you select. Do not submit someone’s name without notifying him or her. AIHA staff will contact the Volunteer Groups to request Moderators for the combined scientific research/case study sessions. Moderators will be responsible for working with the presenters to ensure a common theme and flow for a cohesive session.

The role of Moderator and Monitor will be combined. The primary role of the Moderator is to introduce each speaker, keep speakers on track with time, ensure there is enough time for Q & A, and make any last minute announcements such as a presenter cancellation and replacement. Duties of the Monitor formally included making general announcements such as regarding safety, location of exits, and reminders regarding the session evaluations and distributing materials, if any. These duties are now assumed by the Moderator.

Will PDCs still have mo​nitors?

Yes, we will still have an open call for PDC monitors, who in exchange for their service will receive a complimentary course registration. The call will open in November and is first come, first served. All monitors must be current AIHA/ACGIH members.​


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